Realms of Ice

October/November Session Re-Cap

Alreic's Cursed Tower


After making your way and making haste on the door that seemed to have locked the inner tower, you travel through more black ice halls. Everything is carved naturally smooth and perfect but with an overall look and feel of a very natural structure. You arrive at a landing where a massive cavern invites you to enter. The center of the cavern holds a square pool that is frozen over with four giant pillars surrounding it each having markings of the four Orbs that seem to carry from the door (at least you’re assuming they do). The bright glow from the pool illuminates the entire room. At the end of the hall there is a staircase that leads to another door. At first glance, it appears peaceful, but alas, it is not. A dragon lays upon this pool, sleeping.

You and your party manage to wake this dragon and kill it with victorious fervor. This feat was mainly due to Thundarr’s epic, amazing double-blast double crit roll allowing you to SLIDE across the pool, cutting its belly and wounding it for nearly 100 hp.

The dragon was brought to it’s demise as the party worked together to bring it to its final breath. After the white dragon’s defeat you discover a pile of heavily frost-covered gold, too heavy for any of you to carry.You manage to pocket a few gems as you made your way to the door up the staircase.

Once the door was opened to the next level, a dark presence encompassed this room. While there were stars shining heavenward, back towards the tower you see several humanoid figures with lithesome very faint blue glows bouncing around them.


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