Realms of Ice

January Session Re-Cap


Six female krytons all surrounded this event and with NO hesitation pursued you and the group. The figure in the black cloak was unable to preform anything on Midgard as a black fog was dropped in his area by Gondry. The rest of the group was able to fend off the Krytons. Though before the last one fell, the Cloack figure was able to escape behind the alters stairs. It was not more than a short moment later, he fell back down the stairs, following him wand with a grand entrance was Aired the Wizard!

The travel to Aired’s lake home was quiet and uneventful. The snow and cold wind from the north was about the only thing that was getting to the core of your bones. Though the Sun and bright glow off the snowy terrain. In a small bay of the frozen lake lay a small log and straw roof. Snow piled up high and snug against his hut. — Though all path ways and his front patio shoved…probably by some unseen servant. Though Aired has been know to capture and tame goblins for his studies and use of serving himself.


After settling in his home, beds made and set, food stewing over a warm fire in his large hearth. Aired begins to slowly bag a small hip sack filled with spell components, a few rations and his ever attached staff. Small talk and quick goodbyes, he covers up in more furs and head out the door to be alone in the wilderness to scry the location of Hand of the Axes Child. — Aired’s request to you was that you rest and leave to meet Jarvis, at The Smokey’s Pipe Tavern/Inn in Trollhiem.

The following day you all head out after a solid night of sleep. The two day travel to Trollhiem is some what difficult but doable on a steady pace. Just need to reach the trade main road and the travel would then pan out. — Reaching the road you notice a watch tower that over looks a ballet the road winds its way down towards Trollhiem. From the structures of this watch tower settlement is smoke. Though the blowing snow hinders any further detail. Making your way and further into the tower structure which is surrounded by a small stone and wood wall. Inside are two smaller huts and a stable. Considering the table was the only thing some what still standing you search it and find a Linnorm soldier bloodied and nearly dead. During the discovery and healing of this man, you realize that the band whom started this attack and fires in on your where about and attacks eh Tower once more. — The Party heads off a small band of well skilled orcs and a black undead death rider on a horse that only a mother would never with you to see.

Once the Dust Settled Midgard Telleported the whole party to Trollhiem.
*Arriving in Trollhiem
was as much as you’d expect. Being the main trade hub in central Linnorm you find many well built building in the central district where you all ended up at.
Sounds of music, clanking tankards and chattering stored about from eh inn just as you arrived to its huge double doors. IN Linnorm fashion, art and decor adorn the door with elk heads, trout, dragons heads and celtic like weaving, dreaming all of it with rich precision. Dark wood as the canvas of rat doors arranged at the center of each pulling outward are two large great rings. Just as you and your party enter, the door swing wide and three men come walking out. One, dressed in a beautiful rich red velvet like fabric. The men took it upon them selves to eye down Thundarr and make it knows they were not liking your parties presense. Simply, this lead to a inn fight and street brawl where Thunder and the rest kill and decaitate the men. Discarding their bodies in the river, when all seems right, the Group meets up with Jarvis. After the brawl and the bodies dumped into the river without anyone seeing, you and the rest of the party slowly made way to their respected rooms for a night of sleep.

Early that next morning Gondry, Whey and Thundarr made haste to check out shops in market in the market district of Trollheim. Finding a few shops they ended up finding a nice potion shop owned by the popular Mr. Warren. He was very helpful once he found out who the party was. Knowing all they have done for the kingdom of Linnorm and saving the Hand of the Axe. While shopping and chatting with Mr. Warren a man came in to rob the place but quickly said “oh shit, this is the wrong place”. Gondry and When chased him to a boat on the boardwalk just outside the shop. After this thief was killed Gondry and Warren searched the boat and realized it was the boat of Gadren.


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