Realms of Ice

April 2015 Session Re-Cap


Bruised and battered, all of you made your way quickly to the towering construct larger than most places you have seen in your short-lived (Troy) days. Kytons loomed over you with arrows and rusty, blood-covered chains. Pathetic beaten, whipped slaves scurry to and fro on the wood scaffolding. A few slaves sneak to the hidden covers in the pit below, while others are ordered to fight your pathetic Inner Plane souls.

Though the photos speak the rest, your party was able to take down the Kytons and the creatures that consume every inch of the scaffolding. Boulevard’s amazing feats of wall-walking and head-butting especially assisted in your endeavor to crush the Kytons to a splattering death.

But that didn’t come without a price. Wehn is near death. Kyton men are having their way with Midgard’s dead corpse. Kittens is wrapped in chains. As you stand there trying to collect your party and forge onward, a charging wagon of creatures (to be named soon) pulled by a Giant plane beast quickly approaches.

By far, our best FULL SESSION battle to date. Enjoy the photos and the fact you are now all standing, sweating in your armor and gear with blood dripping off your weapons. As the dust settles, you hear the hum of many footsteps scattering below in the tunnels covered with iron gates. A large door to the North stands alone decorated with a perfectly detailed face of a demon. Most should recognize that it is a demon based on characteristics you have heard and read about in years past. Sorry, Thundarr, if these facts are lost on your uneducated self.





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