Realms of Ice

April 2015 Session Re-Cap


Bruised and battered, all of you made your way quickly to the towering construct larger than most places you have seen in your short-lived (Troy) days. Kytons loomed over you with arrows and rusty, blood-covered chains. Pathetic beaten, whipped slaves scurry to and fro on the wood scaffolding. A few slaves sneak to the hidden covers in the pit below, while others are ordered to fight your pathetic Inner Plane souls.

Though the photos speak the rest, your party was able to take down the Kytons and the creatures that consume every inch of the scaffolding. Boulevard’s amazing feats of wall-walking and head-butting especially assisted in your endeavor to crush the Kytons to a splattering death.

But that didn’t come without a price. Wehn is near death. Kyton men are having their way with Midgard’s dead corpse. Kittens is wrapped in chains. As you stand there trying to collect your party and forge onward, a charging wagon of creatures (to be named soon) pulled by a Giant plane beast quickly approaches.

By far, our best FULL SESSION battle to date. Enjoy the photos and the fact you are now all standing, sweating in your armor and gear with blood dripping off your weapons. As the dust settles, you hear the hum of many footsteps scattering below in the tunnels covered with iron gates. A large door to the North stands alone decorated with a perfectly detailed face of a demon. Most should recognize that it is a demon based on characteristics you have heard and read about in years past. Sorry, Thundarr, if these facts are lost on your uneducated self.




March 2015 Session Re-Cap


As the wind cut and blew down the valley, you and the party all heard something odd beneath your feet. Midgard when to check and found a human in a closet under the staircase…who was accompanied by a goat that had some interesting things to “say”. Learning more about this “pirate” who is called Rory and his goat Boulevard Beardsworth, you gain further detailed info that he has traveled and sailed with Gadren in the open seas. He actually has sailed on one of the ships he was Captain of.

Lokem jumped off and started to walk through the snowy birchwood forest. All of a sudden, his eyes rolled back and his hands started to shake and his face turned upwards towards the sky. As the rest get closer, a figure manifested next to Lokem. Irak was back. Irak asked him to join you in a panic and as you do, you ascend through some sort of rustic teleportation device. He did mention he only has one device left to return. Your eyes burn from the horrible traveling. You arrive and feel the dry heat and see smooth desert stone lay out for miles.

In the distance, you begin to make out a large stone statue being constructed. Irak learned that it is a construct, able to powered by one of the bones the Oracle has found. Apparently two or three are missing. The construct will travel back to your home, work to crush the armies at the hand in Linnorm.

Midgard tries to fly over and scout it out but was taken down as he got just to the surround holes from the construct. Fighting several Krytons and making your way closer to the construct, you see there is a giant hole with wood and moss scaffolding covering every inch of the structure. Midgard then flies to the top to gain better ground, but was taken down by Krytons.

This is where Midgard will rest in peace. Goruhm save him.

We will kick off right back in the melee of this construct.

Attached to this write up are some more sketches and maps to give you all a better understanding on what you have gained intel to and encountered.


February 2015 Session Re-Cap


Dave and Scott were able to steal Gardens boat and sail it down river using scott’s summoned dolphins. The rest of the Group had Troy cast fly on each other and ended up pulling off some gay ass Harry Potter flying trip over the city walls being shot at by many arrows. Troy was able to cast up a larger badger of some sort on the bridge/gate and discreet many of the Trollhim solders from plucking you out of the sky. Everyone finally met up at the boat where you discovered it was filled with random crates looking like goods of trade, but each crate, roughly 50, had clay jars filled with baelfire fill tot he top of each. The jars were also surrounded with some nice packaging hay, straw and wood shavings. Noted that this was expensive packing. During the such in the bottom hull of this river trade boat you heard a few loud bangs adjacent the left (river side) of the boat. Making way tot the top deck you saw the fisherman had taken his fishing boat to your river boat and was now paddling away. Troy pursued him and before he needed his simple sad life out on the quiet river you learned nothing more than he had a wife and child at home. This may also case some repercussions to Troy in later dates. Or possibly he was an oracle that is trying to take over the LInnorm Kingdom… or simply not.

January Session Re-Cap


Six female krytons all surrounded this event and with NO hesitation pursued you and the group. The figure in the black cloak was unable to preform anything on Midgard as a black fog was dropped in his area by Gondry. The rest of the group was able to fend off the Krytons. Though before the last one fell, the Cloack figure was able to escape behind the alters stairs. It was not more than a short moment later, he fell back down the stairs, following him wand with a grand entrance was Aired the Wizard!

The travel to Aired’s lake home was quiet and uneventful. The snow and cold wind from the north was about the only thing that was getting to the core of your bones. Though the Sun and bright glow off the snowy terrain. In a small bay of the frozen lake lay a small log and straw roof. Snow piled up high and snug against his hut. — Though all path ways and his front patio shoved…probably by some unseen servant. Though Aired has been know to capture and tame goblins for his studies and use of serving himself.


After settling in his home, beds made and set, food stewing over a warm fire in his large hearth. Aired begins to slowly bag a small hip sack filled with spell components, a few rations and his ever attached staff. Small talk and quick goodbyes, he covers up in more furs and head out the door to be alone in the wilderness to scry the location of Hand of the Axes Child. — Aired’s request to you was that you rest and leave to meet Jarvis, at The Smokey’s Pipe Tavern/Inn in Trollhiem.

The following day you all head out after a solid night of sleep. The two day travel to Trollhiem is some what difficult but doable on a steady pace. Just need to reach the trade main road and the travel would then pan out. — Reaching the road you notice a watch tower that over looks a ballet the road winds its way down towards Trollhiem. From the structures of this watch tower settlement is smoke. Though the blowing snow hinders any further detail. Making your way and further into the tower structure which is surrounded by a small stone and wood wall. Inside are two smaller huts and a stable. Considering the table was the only thing some what still standing you search it and find a Linnorm soldier bloodied and nearly dead. During the discovery and healing of this man, you realize that the band whom started this attack and fires in on your where about and attacks eh Tower once more. — The Party heads off a small band of well skilled orcs and a black undead death rider on a horse that only a mother would never with you to see.

Once the Dust Settled Midgard Telleported the whole party to Trollhiem.
*Arriving in Trollhiem
was as much as you’d expect. Being the main trade hub in central Linnorm you find many well built building in the central district where you all ended up at.
Sounds of music, clanking tankards and chattering stored about from eh inn just as you arrived to its huge double doors. IN Linnorm fashion, art and decor adorn the door with elk heads, trout, dragons heads and celtic like weaving, dreaming all of it with rich precision. Dark wood as the canvas of rat doors arranged at the center of each pulling outward are two large great rings. Just as you and your party enter, the door swing wide and three men come walking out. One, dressed in a beautiful rich red velvet like fabric. The men took it upon them selves to eye down Thundarr and make it knows they were not liking your parties presense. Simply, this lead to a inn fight and street brawl where Thunder and the rest kill and decaitate the men. Discarding their bodies in the river, when all seems right, the Group meets up with Jarvis. After the brawl and the bodies dumped into the river without anyone seeing, you and the rest of the party slowly made way to their respected rooms for a night of sleep.

Early that next morning Gondry, Whey and Thundarr made haste to check out shops in market in the market district of Trollheim. Finding a few shops they ended up finding a nice potion shop owned by the popular Mr. Warren. He was very helpful once he found out who the party was. Knowing all they have done for the kingdom of Linnorm and saving the Hand of the Axe. While shopping and chatting with Mr. Warren a man came in to rob the place but quickly said “oh shit, this is the wrong place”. Gondry and When chased him to a boat on the boardwalk just outside the shop. After this thief was killed Gondry and Warren searched the boat and realized it was the boat of Gadren.

October/November Session Re-Cap
Alreic's Cursed Tower


After making your way and making haste on the door that seemed to have locked the inner tower, you travel through more black ice halls. Everything is carved naturally smooth and perfect but with an overall look and feel of a very natural structure. You arrive at a landing where a massive cavern invites you to enter. The center of the cavern holds a square pool that is frozen over with four giant pillars surrounding it each having markings of the four Orbs that seem to carry from the door (at least you’re assuming they do). The bright glow from the pool illuminates the entire room. At the end of the hall there is a staircase that leads to another door. At first glance, it appears peaceful, but alas, it is not. A dragon lays upon this pool, sleeping.

You and your party manage to wake this dragon and kill it with victorious fervor. This feat was mainly due to Thundarr’s epic, amazing double-blast double crit roll allowing you to SLIDE across the pool, cutting its belly and wounding it for nearly 100 hp.

The dragon was brought to it’s demise as the party worked together to bring it to its final breath. After the white dragon’s defeat you discover a pile of heavily frost-covered gold, too heavy for any of you to carry.You manage to pocket a few gems as you made your way to the door up the staircase.

Once the door was opened to the next level, a dark presence encompassed this room. While there were stars shining heavenward, back towards the tower you see several humanoid figures with lithesome very faint blue glows bouncing around them.

Quest Log
List of where things lie



– Aerid’s tower has changed once again…

– The Linnorm Arm you fought with is now moving south pushing orcs out of LInnorm. This status is still in the air…

– Hand of the Axe’s child is still missing

– You were told by Bourche to meet a one eye man in the tavern of “Boozy Well” — your debt to Kriv and Borche is to escort Hand of the Axe’s two daughters to the Capital.

– The Baby…Rumors and notes that it holds power, and he is helping to foster more power to the Oracle.

– The Oracles, they are bad and suck right now.

Feel free to add to this list/discussion as you all wish.

September Session Re-Cap
To all things of good there is evil lurking


The PCs have reached the camp of the Linnorms army scouts. This camp was used to house and base a few scouts, scholars, and a few random pages in training or tagging along for an extra hand. At the camp, blood and body parts were scattered around. The snow had drifted over most of the camp not leaving much detail. Branches near a tent to the North had fallen and collapsed in the tent.

After spending some time investigating, you discover an indentation in a tent off to the west. There is also a draped off section of this tent that has a bed and a crib in it. This has loose soil and the flooring of the tent has also been ripped away.

During this investigation you and your party were ambushed by an adult white dragon. Swooping in at an incredible speed, it lands in the center of the camp. Each of you battled the dragon well, pinning her immediately to where she was unable to get off much of an assault to you and your party.

During the night watch after the battle, things settle, your party checks in for the night. Each of you watching all experience something off and odd in the dark cold night. The Night’s watch did capture some black shadows, green lights and brushings of illuminations overhead. All much too fast for any clear reason or exactly WHAT this was. The only common denominator of these odd items being drawn to you was they all came from the direction of the tent with the crib and indentation in it.

The next morning came like a wet blanket. Most meditation and resting for spell casters was nearly lost. The cold air and mystifying interruptions brought no true rest. After hiking for several hours back down the mountain, passing the giant that you killed days ago, you reach the camp and find Brouche’s tent. There you speak with him and he gives you two key messages to what you felt with.

• He is puzzled why a baby crib would be there. Women are in the army but none would be with child or bring their child.
• The hole is a puzzle to him. He later explains to you that towards the north nearing the cliff ledges is possibly a burial tomb of Gorum (the Deity of Linnorm Kingdom).

Brouche’s clears the air on your duty to head to Divern City to meet the One-eye- in Boozy Well Tavern. He also sends you off through a teleportation spell created by his clerics in a back room of his tent. These clerics are all fat, portly fellows with not much to be desired. Seems they give off an odd presence for a group of higher level clerics in ANY land.

Blasting through a mystical ray of colors and darkness you arrive just off the bluff of the valley where Aerid’s tower is. But you immediately notice his tower has changed, ONCE again. This tower was surrounded by the existing bluffs and bowl like the valley that you have seen before. But in the center is a lake. Surrounding this lake is a massive wall of ruined castles that seemed to all have blended together in a disorganized yet consistent way. The ruins of this wall have hundreds of gates and windows and random doors. All very uninviting. The openings of each of these were draped with chains that formed almost a curtain. The manpower to have made this in the time since you were all here would be truly epic…not to mention giving the extreme weathered look. — The tower, in the center of the frozen lake, sits still balancing on nothing but a single point that would appear to be a tip on a large sword. This structure of the tower rises upward bellowing outward lie a shard and then angling back into a sharp peak at the top. At the top the shard-looking tower has three small spikes basing off a flat surface.

Exploring the wall, you were encountered by a female creature dressed in chains…though a difficult fight, you all make your way through a labyrinth of halls and rooms in the section of the wall you entered. — reaching some point outward toward the center you defeated a large creature who was guarding a half circle of statues. The statues were dressed in cloaks holding small round spheres in their hands. One of which, has the carvings of the content you RESIDE ON. — I am sure one of you wet your pants when this was revealed.

August Session Re-Cap


The distant tree tops danced back and forth as the winter winds pushed them along, almost as a sea of dark green that rivals the mountains to the north and east like a scarf around an old man’s neck. Your clothes quickly became caked with red blood snow as fresh flakes find their way to your body and face.

Stan and his men gather over the dead bodies of the large wolfs and humanoid. This humanoid having the dark skin of a crow but the face of a creature (no one passed any DC check that you know of). This Midgard casted a spell on this humanoid to speak with him upon his death. After asking questions your found out that the Oracle had sent him. Why?

Approaching you from the Northeast was several riders, one who stood fast on his horse with a posture of leadership. The Linnorm soldiers riding flanks all had a look of great strength. The armor they wore was much more elaborate. Flags kissed by the wind made the sound of proper valor to the kingdom of Linnorm.

Broche, riding a massive draft horse approached slowly, but in a direct manner. *A man from the south as you all gather later on, He is a man of watch and what you feel power from Westcrown – the capital of Cheliax. (The same kingdom to which the hell-knights reside and rule most of the Western Region). Land mass is comparable to Europe.

Brouche, the ambassador of Linnorm and your King, addresses you that he has a way of teleportation. He will gift you this to the Wizards tower if you travel to the scouting camp and let them know the details of the recent battle.

April & June Session Re-Cap
Continued travels through the Temple of Gorum

Your new Friend.


Down a corridor much like most in natural cavern, you all discovered a catacomb of ancient Linnorm warriors, children, wives and even Jarls buried and resting in the walls. This room, staging three doors and small off-shoot room seems to be of the older Limmorm people. In the center of this room is a pedestal with an old book opened to a page which seems to warn anyone whom passes through. Reads described this area to be guarded by old, ancient beats much like minotaur. But holding powers beyond those beasts.

The walls of rock and ice shook and rattled as this minotaur charged out through the door. Blowing right through the pedestal that seemed to have done something to a few member of the party, all facing now the larger than normal minotaur. Two more were released from the doors surrounding you all, in a fashion where each was killed with great team work and precision. You did end up finding the orange jar, that released the trigger to open the door in the main chamber.

You all discovered that this new chamber was filled with cages, and toucher tables. some with old rotten flesh and blood, an a few, especially one, with fresh blood plus wet foot prints that seemed to have been in this chamber shortly before you…a hour…maybe two.

Following the footprints that lead through the door, also lead outside to the other side of the mountain. Or essential a sharp rocky peak that is the opening of the mouth of the Stone River. Overlooking the horizon you see what appress to be an odd shaped bowl that the rock of the mountains make. In the depths of the center of this bowl, you see a lake, with an odd looking stone tower. Snow falling heavy, much detail is to your imagination and assumptions. You do see many humanoids though; all mulling about the shores of the lake and tower.

Making way dow the path along the ridge of the bowl you get snagged up on top of the rim, by climbing ropes that were hanging from the cliffs edge.
There you met Stan and his two right hand men, Formor and Ramseys. They are in charge of the army that stands behind them on the foothills. Roughly 1,500 men. Tents and camp is made, but they all stand in marching order ready to take down the Orc’s at the valley of this Lake and Tower.


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