Realms of Ice

April & June Session Re-Cap
Continued travels through the Temple of Gorum

Your new Friend.


Down a corridor much like most in natural cavern, you all discovered a catacomb of ancient Linnorm warriors, children, wives and even Jarls buried and resting in the walls. This room, staging three doors and small off-shoot room seems to be of the older Limmorm people. In the center of this room is a pedestal with an old book opened to a page which seems to warn anyone whom passes through. Reads described this area to be guarded by old, ancient beats much like minotaur. But holding powers beyond those beasts.

The walls of rock and ice shook and rattled as this minotaur charged out through the door. Blowing right through the pedestal that seemed to have done something to a few member of the party, all facing now the larger than normal minotaur. Two more were released from the doors surrounding you all, in a fashion where each was killed with great team work and precision. You did end up finding the orange jar, that released the trigger to open the door in the main chamber.

You all discovered that this new chamber was filled with cages, and toucher tables. some with old rotten flesh and blood, an a few, especially one, with fresh blood plus wet foot prints that seemed to have been in this chamber shortly before you…a hour…maybe two.

Following the footprints that lead through the door, also lead outside to the other side of the mountain. Or essential a sharp rocky peak that is the opening of the mouth of the Stone River. Overlooking the horizon you see what appress to be an odd shaped bowl that the rock of the mountains make. In the depths of the center of this bowl, you see a lake, with an odd looking stone tower. Snow falling heavy, much detail is to your imagination and assumptions. You do see many humanoids though; all mulling about the shores of the lake and tower.

Making way dow the path along the ridge of the bowl you get snagged up on top of the rim, by climbing ropes that were hanging from the cliffs edge.
There you met Stan and his two right hand men, Formor and Ramseys. They are in charge of the army that stands behind them on the foothills. Roughly 1,500 men. Tents and camp is made, but they all stand in marching order ready to take down the Orc’s at the valley of this Lake and Tower.

March Session Re-Cap


((If ANY OF YOU find something of interest that I may have missed on these cclif notes please respond. otherwise we will pick up in this room whith the stairs.))


A: Main Entrance
This small chamber has a door made of adamantine. Two statues of old Linnorm warriors stand on each side of the room. Attaching a rope to the door inside the chamber your party all went outside to pull it open. This was done because someone noticed something odd above the door. a small slit in the rock. Pulling to door you all spotted that some sort of cloudy substance was released. after waiting you all entered the next room.

B: Hall of the gods
This room was surrounded by natural rock pillars. Behind it was a small walk way with statues of other Linnorm warriors. This room contained several Orcs who seemed to be guarding and housing themselves here. You also fought a Orc Shaman.

The door to the East was odd in itself. On each side of the door were two sconces sticking out as small bowls filled with black sand. The door was locked…

C: side rooms
nothing but a place where the orcs house themselves

D: Secret Passage
Finding s secret door in the smaller room, this lead a passage way down a small cavern, filled with cob webs, dust and just aged setting materials. you all suspected it was not used for MANY years. In the small chamber you find a chest, inside the chest is some items from the first King of Linnorm. On a small desk next to the alter you also found some notes. These items will be on the Item list on this web site. Two daggers also rest on the alter in two slits, as well as a statue of a dragon head. Inside the mouth of the dragon were two vials of liquid. Troy discovered by pouring the liquid in the small door sconces it melted away the black dust to reveal slits where the daggers could be placed. This was done, with EPIC proportions to opening the door.

E: Gorums Chamber
Inside this chamber you fought two creatures that appeared to had a zombie like features. And the their “leader” as some creature of evil within. Overall the encounter was hard, but you all managed to fight them off and make your way through the camber.

The Goram statue in the corner had some blue glowing liquid off each wall running in a carved troth to the statue; pouring down and in front to a symbol. Troy broke the liquid stream thus it all disappeared, and the glow stopped. Off to the side back of this chamber you also found a small room with stairs leading down. As well as some chests that were trapped holding some treasure.

Opening Narrative: March Session


Thundarr strips down to his bare chest, dropping them off to the side at the feet of your party and the other Linnorm fighters, who all circle around in the soft snow just in front of the Blood Hall. Liki, does the same, staring down Thundarr with thoughts of him and his wife doing it, blood boiled with in. Both men lung ate each other with fists of furry, yet no real sounds of encouragement from anyone watching…all just knowing this has to be done. With a mighty blow, one after the other, both men pummel each other to a bloody mess…though Thundarr come out victorious.

After the fight everyone gathered in the Blood Hall. here is where Kriv talk to you and the party about the Hand of The Axe being possibly captured and taken to the “Lost” Temple of Gorum. Not a lot is known of this temple; where it is rumored of being abandoned for over 200 years. Linnorm’s ancient first recorded history was of a large war against the orcs, and Gorum, who is a god, helped defeat the orc army and establish the Kingdom of Linnorm.

After a night of rest and sleep which was uneventful considering what is at hand with the Orc army, you all pack up your horses that were give to you by Kriv. Making way towards the mountain range just north of Fort Ur, your party did run into a know beast of the land, a Yeti. This encounter was not much to you all, but the legends still hold true in the Lands of Linnorm that these beasts wander the snowy lands.

Approaching the Temple you all notice that it was guarded by some creatures on top of the ledge that acted as a walk way entry point to the doors of this temple. In the lower part of this valley that this temple sat, was a cabin, older than your grandparents. With walls rotten, and decayed wood, the only thing that stood was three walls. The wall to the north was gone. Inside was nothing more than some old chairs and a broken table. Off to the far corner was a hatch that lead to the basement that seemed to have houses some sort of religious ritual. In the corner of the basement was a symbol faintly written in the dirt floor. To your knowledge it was the symbol of some deity that is worshiped in Cheliax.

Though, before entering the Cabin, each of you had a disturbing vision of a dragon and a hooded/cloaked humaniod. the Vision to each of you left you all with bleeding noses and actual spots of blood where the serpent seeped to have bursted from each of your bodies.

Making way to the temple door, the creatures guarding the entry were camped out in front. Though two left on horses, one in a black cloak and the other in clothes that of the other creatures. Creatures again, you have never seen before nor could actually figure out what these humidois would relate to.

During this encounter some sort of “spirit” appeared and was shouting “Frozen Lands. Frozen Hearts. I AM YOUR KING. I AM YOUR FIRE.” Fighting your way through each of these creatures, nothing more or less was gained from this green, glowing entity…

From here you enter the temple…

Opening Narrative: February Session
The beginning. War flirts with the reigon of The Mammoth Lands and pins Linnorm Kingdom to a decision for its tribes and people.


Fort Ur stands cold and quiet for a few moments as you all gather yourself from the battle. I sigh of relief and confusion set in to everyone still standing in the main courtyard of the Fort. Surrounded by tall pines and a few other trees, you see everyone gather in front of the Bood Hall door.

Several of the Furt Ur soldiers round up random weapons and begin to pile them off tot he side. Smoke and blowing snow lifts up and over the fort walls from the East, where the first attack on the fort was made.

Looking closer from where you are standing — you all notice that the walls have been blown apart by not explosions alone. More to this wall breach seems to be a mystery.

Horses In the Linnorm Kingdom are some what of a rare commodity, but not scars. So seeing anyone riding a Horse in this kingdom has not only wealth but power among the common folk. With this thought at hand, and immediately surfacing in your minds, you all look to the South Main Gate as you all are helping eachother gather your selfs from the battle.

Rounding the corner from the east and entering the main gate at a slow walking pace, you see a fully armored warrior on top of a Draft horse; followed by a dozen other soldiers, all riding black and white steads.

Each soldier is holding a shield in their left hand and a long impressive spear in the other. Strapped nd hung, each of their rides has enough equipment to concluded they are just not out for a days ride. In the lead of this pack of men is a taller gentleman. A helmet damaged lightly and dented from many battles. Three horns decorate this helmet. One in the front of a smaller ram, and two off to each side, though sadly to this work of art, one is broken off. his armor is that of Linnorm Kingdom, though modified with exsquiset strips of chain mail that set horizontaly under neath each breast plate. His legs covered in the same plate mail, but under is more of this chain mail.

Moving closer, you notice more details to this group…most of which have blood and wounds on thier faces and bandeges wrapped around arms and legs.

The lead warrior takes off his helmet as he approaches closer, raises his right hand with a STRONG fist and covers across his breast plate.

“Frozen Lands. Frozen Hearts. For our King and his power is our fire.”


Re-Cap From September's Session


On top of the snowy foot hills of the Fort Dora Mountains you and your party gained an odd map. A single road leading to the fort, and then passing on to a frozen waterfall and small lake where the river flows along the road side just miles to the south of it and bending further south. Unknown why the waterfall would be noted, you traveled along the side of the road to get closer to Fort Dora.

Approaching the fort you begin to notice a small cam establishment of an orc army, roughly 14, after the battle with them took place. The Orcs where no different than most, other than they seemed to all be set up just on the platform outside of the Fort. Nothing much was found on the Orcs. Though a more well dress and armored larger orc that seemed to have lead them in this camp that was set up. ONly after thought note was that thier armor and weapons, though useful but not enough to the party, were much nicer than most orcs…why would this be?

After searching briefly around the outer parts of the Stone Cut Fort you all notice foot prints leading up the main star way to the main door. The door is surrounded by many Linnorm warriors of the days gone by during the great war of the Dwarfs in XXX. These statues again, are also surrounded and enclosed in a set in carved out frames in the sides of the mountains The whole fort is carved out of the mountain side, but yet where the fort extends outward on the lands slightly, large block were used and then carved in to present the fort with great strength and precision, though time and weather and old age is showing.

The footsteps lead right up to the grand stone doorways. From there you enter the the Fort and notice a large hole immediate to the entry hallway…after searching you notice that the depths of this hole are beyond your exploration skills, and move on. Entering the Fort to the entry way hall you were all encountered by a minitor and some skeletons of that wearing old Linnorm armor and equipped with weapons. Dealing great damage the Minotaur was taken down but with some loss, where Thundar was killed but brought back to life, barely. The Minotaur help an epic presence, much more than the one on the hill side…again, WHY?

Making way into the Forth further you entered the GRand Hall. Many pillars and a high celling lined this long Hall. At the end was a small lifted star way platform, where once the throne sat of the Lord and general of this great Fort. a caved in wall to your right and a set of doors to your left were the only things remaining set in this Hall. Though 4 Oracles and two large demon (not saying they are demons) looking creatures stood at the end of this Hall, calling you all in.

The Oracle that spoke only made himself presence to you immediately by calling all your names forward. You gained the knowledge that he and the other three (one who was holding a baby) came from a Plan not of this world. This plane was not further described but your knowledge check figures it is one of several that are know to the common folk. Through the process of the interaction you four were delivered a horrible dream like though, where you were in the presence of a loved on at near death by a horrible manner. all this happened while the Oracle was speaking to you.. Before any of you were able to move forward on the Oracle all four of you were sent to some “place” each fighting a single creature alone, but yet they seemed to be not of the world you were from, but the way they possessed life. All but Troy passed the test and were then sent back tot he fort. Soon after an older man came out of thin air and brought Troy back to life. This o.ld man never gave his name other than he was some apprentice of the Oracles. He noted to you that you four are the chosen ones and that if you wanted further answers an old wizard who lives in a tower far north would be able to help in some way.

The party rests inside the Halls, doors closed…though after a perception check you do hear of some odd noises coming from the set of doors just left of the thrown platform. Noises are faint, and distant, sounds of slight echoes and almost a deep undertone to it.
This is where we will start from next session

Questions to ask from last session:
Who and what were those foot steps in the snow?
Why is this baby being used (its tears exactly) to open this portal that WAS sitting in front of you for these Oracles?
Why are they here? Dragons mentioned, but why?
Who is the father of this child?

Re-Cap From August Session


Making your way north, you ended up making camp in a large rock overhang. the rocks created a two sides overhang from being pushed out from the earth.

Large, jagged rocks that plunged upward out of the snowy earth have been made in this formation not logo ago. and feidls of them as far as the eye could see at times…

Camp was made on the edge of a frozen bay you were all ambushed at night by Mihr. Not knowing what hit you his magic and powers brought you all to a point of strong team woark to bring him down. — Broghes was killed in his tent.

After the battle you left northward to find Leaf and Fort Stone. Running into CHAD and Leaf fighting a large ice/giant/construct. Leaf was killed and you obtained CHAD to your group where you gained information on the fort. Found out that it was overtaken fully by nomads riding Mammoths and larger ice creatures. Rumors of Dragons were also present during this raid but the dragons were at bay.

Back ar Fort Ur the Hand of the AXE left responsibilities to his right hand man, which he then passed off to your group to lead the defense on the battle taking place just south of the fort on the boarder.

Thing were left where there was a possible offensive heading your way. Smaller but a line that was able to break through. The details of this Battle are and have been hidden from you your time at the fort. Though you have heard rumors of the ORC armies building up again.

Later that night when you were done meeting with Groah (GROW-ah), you all make your way to the rooms provided for you in the upper levels of the Blood Hall. The top most level is dedicated to special guests and this is where you will be staying. two rooms, thought the rooms are big enough for a few beds, tables, dressers, etc. Nicer than most of your living quarters at your homes. All the woods and art are decorated with the Kingdom of Linnorm art and icons of long Kings and Queens whom have ruled the land. Mammoths and dragons as well as eagles and fish also decorate most of the wood features in these rooms. Bowls of soup and sandwiches of raw beef and pickled onions await for you as you enter your rooms.

HELP! My baby! Help me!!!” Shouts ring out through the frosted windows in your rooms. Just outside the main Hall door you hear screams from a woman. The screams then make their way into the hall which you can faintly hear coming from the lower level of the hall.
Getting up from your hearty winter meal, you dash out the doors only in your commoner clothing (seeing its later in the night) and head down the star wells to the lower level of the Hall. the fires are nearly out except for the main one in the center. a few Patrons/soldiers and Fort ambassadors mingle around the woman at the center of the Hall.

The woman is red head, taller, busty lady. wearing a nice cloaked covered in similar decorations that adorn the Hall. tears running down her face you can hear her talking to Groah and the men around him. Getting closer you hear her say things that come to a sad shock to you.

“my baby…was taken from me. I was in my quarters (her quarters are in the smaller fortress tower that is attached to the Hall but has only an outdoor entrance to it. having to go out side of the tower to get into the hall.) and as i was just laying down to sleep, my Windows were smashed in and three people in black cam in, helped me to the bed with cross bows while the other one took the baby, leaping out the window. by the time me screams made it to the ears of my servant girl, it was too late."

The men all looked confused as they all know the Fort is under heavy protection, the wall have been fortified nearly to maximum capacity, and all hands are on deck for the battle that is taking place just south.

This all seems very concerning to you and your party. Only if things in this live of a Pathfinder PC would just be normal.


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