Realms of Ice

Re-Cap From August Session


Making your way north, you ended up making camp in a large rock overhang. the rocks created a two sides overhang from being pushed out from the earth.

Large, jagged rocks that plunged upward out of the snowy earth have been made in this formation not logo ago. and feidls of them as far as the eye could see at times…

Camp was made on the edge of a frozen bay you were all ambushed at night by Mihr. Not knowing what hit you his magic and powers brought you all to a point of strong team woark to bring him down. — Broghes was killed in his tent.

After the battle you left northward to find Leaf and Fort Stone. Running into CHAD and Leaf fighting a large ice/giant/construct. Leaf was killed and you obtained CHAD to your group where you gained information on the fort. Found out that it was overtaken fully by nomads riding Mammoths and larger ice creatures. Rumors of Dragons were also present during this raid but the dragons were at bay.

Back ar Fort Ur the Hand of the AXE left responsibilities to his right hand man, which he then passed off to your group to lead the defense on the battle taking place just south of the fort on the boarder.

Thing were left where there was a possible offensive heading your way. Smaller but a line that was able to break through. The details of this Battle are and have been hidden from you your time at the fort. Though you have heard rumors of the ORC armies building up again.

Later that night when you were done meeting with Groah (GROW-ah), you all make your way to the rooms provided for you in the upper levels of the Blood Hall. The top most level is dedicated to special guests and this is where you will be staying. two rooms, thought the rooms are big enough for a few beds, tables, dressers, etc. Nicer than most of your living quarters at your homes. All the woods and art are decorated with the Kingdom of Linnorm art and icons of long Kings and Queens whom have ruled the land. Mammoths and dragons as well as eagles and fish also decorate most of the wood features in these rooms. Bowls of soup and sandwiches of raw beef and pickled onions await for you as you enter your rooms.

HELP! My baby! Help me!!!” Shouts ring out through the frosted windows in your rooms. Just outside the main Hall door you hear screams from a woman. The screams then make their way into the hall which you can faintly hear coming from the lower level of the hall.
Getting up from your hearty winter meal, you dash out the doors only in your commoner clothing (seeing its later in the night) and head down the star wells to the lower level of the Hall. the fires are nearly out except for the main one in the center. a few Patrons/soldiers and Fort ambassadors mingle around the woman at the center of the Hall.

The woman is red head, taller, busty lady. wearing a nice cloaked covered in similar decorations that adorn the Hall. tears running down her face you can hear her talking to Groah and the men around him. Getting closer you hear her say things that come to a sad shock to you.

“my baby…was taken from me. I was in my quarters (her quarters are in the smaller fortress tower that is attached to the Hall but has only an outdoor entrance to it. having to go out side of the tower to get into the hall.) and as i was just laying down to sleep, my Windows were smashed in and three people in black cam in, helped me to the bed with cross bows while the other one took the baby, leaping out the window. by the time me screams made it to the ears of my servant girl, it was too late."

The men all looked confused as they all know the Fort is under heavy protection, the wall have been fortified nearly to maximum capacity, and all hands are on deck for the battle that is taking place just south.

This all seems very concerning to you and your party. Only if things in this live of a Pathfinder PC would just be normal.


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