Realms of Ice

September Session Re-Cap

To all things of good there is evil lurking


The PCs have reached the camp of the Linnorms army scouts. This camp was used to house and base a few scouts, scholars, and a few random pages in training or tagging along for an extra hand. At the camp, blood and body parts were scattered around. The snow had drifted over most of the camp not leaving much detail. Branches near a tent to the North had fallen and collapsed in the tent.

After spending some time investigating, you discover an indentation in a tent off to the west. There is also a draped off section of this tent that has a bed and a crib in it. This has loose soil and the flooring of the tent has also been ripped away.

During this investigation you and your party were ambushed by an adult white dragon. Swooping in at an incredible speed, it lands in the center of the camp. Each of you battled the dragon well, pinning her immediately to where she was unable to get off much of an assault to you and your party.

During the night watch after the battle, things settle, your party checks in for the night. Each of you watching all experience something off and odd in the dark cold night. The Night’s watch did capture some black shadows, green lights and brushings of illuminations overhead. All much too fast for any clear reason or exactly WHAT this was. The only common denominator of these odd items being drawn to you was they all came from the direction of the tent with the crib and indentation in it.

The next morning came like a wet blanket. Most meditation and resting for spell casters was nearly lost. The cold air and mystifying interruptions brought no true rest. After hiking for several hours back down the mountain, passing the giant that you killed days ago, you reach the camp and find Brouche’s tent. There you speak with him and he gives you two key messages to what you felt with.

• He is puzzled why a baby crib would be there. Women are in the army but none would be with child or bring their child.
• The hole is a puzzle to him. He later explains to you that towards the north nearing the cliff ledges is possibly a burial tomb of Gorum (the Deity of Linnorm Kingdom).

Brouche’s clears the air on your duty to head to Divern City to meet the One-eye- in Boozy Well Tavern. He also sends you off through a teleportation spell created by his clerics in a back room of his tent. These clerics are all fat, portly fellows with not much to be desired. Seems they give off an odd presence for a group of higher level clerics in ANY land.

Blasting through a mystical ray of colors and darkness you arrive just off the bluff of the valley where Aerid’s tower is. But you immediately notice his tower has changed, ONCE again. This tower was surrounded by the existing bluffs and bowl like the valley that you have seen before. But in the center is a lake. Surrounding this lake is a massive wall of ruined castles that seemed to all have blended together in a disorganized yet consistent way. The ruins of this wall have hundreds of gates and windows and random doors. All very uninviting. The openings of each of these were draped with chains that formed almost a curtain. The manpower to have made this in the time since you were all here would be truly epic…not to mention giving the extreme weathered look. — The tower, in the center of the frozen lake, sits still balancing on nothing but a single point that would appear to be a tip on a large sword. This structure of the tower rises upward bellowing outward lie a shard and then angling back into a sharp peak at the top. At the top the shard-looking tower has three small spikes basing off a flat surface.

Exploring the wall, you were encountered by a female creature dressed in chains…though a difficult fight, you all make your way through a labyrinth of halls and rooms in the section of the wall you entered. — reaching some point outward toward the center you defeated a large creature who was guarding a half circle of statues. The statues were dressed in cloaks holding small round spheres in their hands. One of which, has the carvings of the content you RESIDE ON. — I am sure one of you wet your pants when this was revealed.


I would like to examine the other orbs that are in the statues hands. Specifically…. I want to see if I recognize any of the other orbs as continents that I may be familiar with.

September Session Re-Cap

Roll Knowledge Geography.

September Session Re-Cap

Walking up to these statues that stand roughly 10’ tall each, the orbs held in the hands of each cloaked figures illuminates a dark purple glow with fingers of glowing purple tiny flames flicker in in and out of the surrounding glow. Just faint enough to be there, but enough where you can see from a distance.

Based off your knowledge of the world you live on you see that the other three orbs are resemblances of either other planets in the system your word is in, or some other “places”.

September Session Re-Cap
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