Realms of Ice

March 2015 Session Re-Cap


As the wind cut and blew down the valley, you and the party all heard something odd beneath your feet. Midgard when to check and found a human in a closet under the staircase…who was accompanied by a goat that had some interesting things to “say”. Learning more about this “pirate” who is called Rory and his goat Boulevard Beardsworth, you gain further detailed info that he has traveled and sailed with Gadren in the open seas. He actually has sailed on one of the ships he was Captain of.

Lokem jumped off and started to walk through the snowy birchwood forest. All of a sudden, his eyes rolled back and his hands started to shake and his face turned upwards towards the sky. As the rest get closer, a figure manifested next to Lokem. Irak was back. Irak asked him to join you in a panic and as you do, you ascend through some sort of rustic teleportation device. He did mention he only has one device left to return. Your eyes burn from the horrible traveling. You arrive and feel the dry heat and see smooth desert stone lay out for miles.

In the distance, you begin to make out a large stone statue being constructed. Irak learned that it is a construct, able to powered by one of the bones the Oracle has found. Apparently two or three are missing. The construct will travel back to your home, work to crush the armies at the hand in Linnorm.

Midgard tries to fly over and scout it out but was taken down as he got just to the surround holes from the construct. Fighting several Krytons and making your way closer to the construct, you see there is a giant hole with wood and moss scaffolding covering every inch of the structure. Midgard then flies to the top to gain better ground, but was taken down by Krytons.

This is where Midgard will rest in peace. Goruhm save him.

We will kick off right back in the melee of this construct.

Attached to this write up are some more sketches and maps to give you all a better understanding on what you have gained intel to and encountered.



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