Realms of Ice

February 2015 Session Re-Cap


Dave and Scott were able to steal Gardens boat and sail it down river using scott’s summoned dolphins. The rest of the Group had Troy cast fly on each other and ended up pulling off some gay ass Harry Potter flying trip over the city walls being shot at by many arrows. Troy was able to cast up a larger badger of some sort on the bridge/gate and discreet many of the Trollhim solders from plucking you out of the sky. Everyone finally met up at the boat where you discovered it was filled with random crates looking like goods of trade, but each crate, roughly 50, had clay jars filled with baelfire fill tot he top of each. The jars were also surrounded with some nice packaging hay, straw and wood shavings. Noted that this was expensive packing. During the such in the bottom hull of this river trade boat you heard a few loud bangs adjacent the left (river side) of the boat. Making way tot the top deck you saw the fisherman had taken his fishing boat to your river boat and was now paddling away. Troy pursued him and before he needed his simple sad life out on the quiet river you learned nothing more than he had a wife and child at home. This may also case some repercussions to Troy in later dates. Or possibly he was an oracle that is trying to take over the LInnorm Kingdom… or simply not.


silentree silentree

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