Realms of Ice

August Session Re-Cap


The distant tree tops danced back and forth as the winter winds pushed them along, almost as a sea of dark green that rivals the mountains to the north and east like a scarf around an old man’s neck. Your clothes quickly became caked with red blood snow as fresh flakes find their way to your body and face.

Stan and his men gather over the dead bodies of the large wolfs and humanoid. This humanoid having the dark skin of a crow but the face of a creature (no one passed any DC check that you know of). This Midgard casted a spell on this humanoid to speak with him upon his death. After asking questions your found out that the Oracle had sent him. Why?

Approaching you from the Northeast was several riders, one who stood fast on his horse with a posture of leadership. The Linnorm soldiers riding flanks all had a look of great strength. The armor they wore was much more elaborate. Flags kissed by the wind made the sound of proper valor to the kingdom of Linnorm.

Broche, riding a massive draft horse approached slowly, but in a direct manner. *A man from the south as you all gather later on, He is a man of watch and what you feel power from Westcrown – the capital of Cheliax. (The same kingdom to which the hell-knights reside and rule most of the Western Region). Land mass is comparable to Europe.

Brouche, the ambassador of Linnorm and your King, addresses you that he has a way of teleportation. He will gift you this to the Wizards tower if you travel to the scouting camp and let them know the details of the recent battle.


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