Realms of Ice

April & June Session Re-Cap

Continued travels through the Temple of Gorum

Your new Friend.


Down a corridor much like most in natural cavern, you all discovered a catacomb of ancient Linnorm warriors, children, wives and even Jarls buried and resting in the walls. This room, staging three doors and small off-shoot room seems to be of the older Limmorm people. In the center of this room is a pedestal with an old book opened to a page which seems to warn anyone whom passes through. Reads described this area to be guarded by old, ancient beats much like minotaur. But holding powers beyond those beasts.

The walls of rock and ice shook and rattled as this minotaur charged out through the door. Blowing right through the pedestal that seemed to have done something to a few member of the party, all facing now the larger than normal minotaur. Two more were released from the doors surrounding you all, in a fashion where each was killed with great team work and precision. You did end up finding the orange jar, that released the trigger to open the door in the main chamber.

You all discovered that this new chamber was filled with cages, and toucher tables. some with old rotten flesh and blood, an a few, especially one, with fresh blood plus wet foot prints that seemed to have been in this chamber shortly before you…a hour…maybe two.

Following the footprints that lead through the door, also lead outside to the other side of the mountain. Or essential a sharp rocky peak that is the opening of the mouth of the Stone River. Overlooking the horizon you see what appress to be an odd shaped bowl that the rock of the mountains make. In the depths of the center of this bowl, you see a lake, with an odd looking stone tower. Snow falling heavy, much detail is to your imagination and assumptions. You do see many humanoids though; all mulling about the shores of the lake and tower.

Making way dow the path along the ridge of the bowl you get snagged up on top of the rim, by climbing ropes that were hanging from the cliffs edge.
There you met Stan and his two right hand men, Formor and Ramseys. They are in charge of the army that stands behind them on the foothills. Roughly 1,500 men. Tents and camp is made, but they all stand in marching order ready to take down the Orc’s at the valley of this Lake and Tower.


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